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Transform your business with technology that moves you forward, not holds you back. Solutions and consulting that put you in control.

We’ve disrupted the technology solutions and services industry

Our paradigm-shifting approach puts you in charge of your technology so you can envision confidently. Correlant is your end-to-end trusted partner for innovation and digital business transformation on a budget. Navigate today’s challenging technology landscape, implement clever ideas, slash operating costs, and grow market share with help from Correlant.

Intuitive cloud-first digital transformation

The right technology tailored to the unique needs of your company and industry enable your team to move fast, innovate, and outpace the competition. We bring the expertise and passion to help your business move past expensive legacy computing and outdated collaboration methods to embrace the infinite possibilities technology that fits perfectly. We work tirelessly so you get the most out of your business transformation investments.

The Microsoft cloud provides a robust, secure, scalable home for your documents, data and collaboration. Anywhere, any time, any device access let’s your teams collaborate in real time and get things done.

Putting technology in place is only half the job. Having your team embrace it is the bigger challenge. Let our Adoption and Change Management experts set you up for success from the start and guide you along the way.

Now that you have embraced the cloud, its time to digitally transform your enterprise by improving business processes, gaining operational insight, and helping your teams unlock innovative solutions to your strategic challenges.

Regulatory Compliance Simplified

Meeting policy and regulatory compliance is a challenge. Your company is overrun with new information. Important records are mixed together with mundane ones, putting your organization at risk of legal action, loss of intellectual property, and inadvertent or intentional deletion of critical company records. We can help you design a compliance and information governance program that keeps you protected, and then implement the full array of governance policies and capabilities across the Microsoft Cloud suite of products.

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Device Management Simplified

Legacy Device Management consumes an inordinate amount of I.T. time and effort. Manually configuration computers, installing updates, and deploying software is slow and error-prone. With Modern Device Management, all of this is done remotely from the cloud. What’s more, devices are checked for security compliance before they are allowed access to your information and data. Spend your I.T. budget on strategic initiatives that move the needle for your business instead.

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Professional Services Simplified

Partner with the Cloud Service Provider dedicated to making sure you get the most from your investment no matter where you are on your cloud journey

Assessments and Road-mapping

Deployment and migration

User adoption and education

Security and Governance

Application Modernization

Business Intelligence