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Records Management

Paper is unavoidable. Even if we turn your own forms, documents and spreadsheets into expertly designed databases, paper comes in from the outside chock full of useful information data. Because the Tulsa Records Management experts are at Vaillus IT, we find the processes behind the records and knowledge, build the right repositories to store it all. Your team gets access to information at their fingertips, eliminating over-reliance on a few subject matter experts.

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Records Management and Knowledge Management


  • Less Clutter – Paper takes up a lot of intended and unintended space. Space costs money. By capturing document metadata and/or scanning the image, you can send the originals to cheaper off-site storage or destroy them while putting space to better use.
  • Disaster Recovery – Fire, flood, smoke, storms: they happen. They damage or destroy important and documents. Replacing them may not be possible. Documents are also misplaced or destroyed accidentally. No one realizes until an emergency pops up. Capture the data and documents so you always have them.
  • More Data – Metadata captured from documents can be combined with other data you have to provide a wider view of your organization. Search with data then drill down to see the scanned image without digging through a filing cabinet. Save countless hours and dollars.
  • Better Decisions – With more data turned into information you can make better decisions and monitor your businesses core processes, finding issues before they become problems, hijack your day and derail your progress.


Your Tulsa Records Management Consultants


Its amazing that so many companies store documents they same way they did ten or twenty years ago. So many powerful content managements systems are available to make Records Management and Knowledge Management a snap. Let Vaillus IT help you navigate the options and turn your documents into assets instead of liabilities. Call us at 918-734-7215 to see up a free Records Management consultation.