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Software Consulting Expertise

Tulsa Software Consulting at Vaillus IT


Having a technology partner with the right Software Consulting Expertise is essential to navigating the terrain in the age of connected everything. Technology can differentiate market leaders from also-rans. The wrong steps, however, can cost you big, locking you in to a solution that doesn’t fit and becoming a black hole for time and money.

We at Vaillus IT have decades of experience pinpointing the exact needs of our customers and finding the best software solutions for their operations. We give you the knowledge and insight to “Envision Confidently”.


Succeeding in business requires planning and execution. It also requires limiting the distractions from day-to-day operational issues. Your back office needs the right tools and methods to get the job done efficiently and correctly. Having a core set of processes that are well defined and expertly tuned lets you focus on growing the business. Our Business Process Modeling Methodology and software consulting expertise puts your entire team on the same page.

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Operational Excellence


  • Save Money – Efficiency lost to outdated processes based on paper, spreadsheets, phone calls and email adds up to serious money. Lost work, missed communications, preventable fire drills, bureaucracy and inaccessible
    data cost you big time. Well-tuned processes pays for themselves with blazing speed.
  • Retain Customers – On-line retailers have conditioned your clients to expect access to any information anytime, to have on-line payments and two day delivery. If they have to wait on you, they get disillusioned quick. Meet and exceed their expectations by putting with the right technology in place.
  • Improve morale – Employees who aren’t adding value fall into the daily grind and feel underutilized. They recognize bad processes but eventually accept them as “just how we do it here”. The right software frees up your best people to do their best work, and to look forward to showing up every day.
  • Make Better Decisions – Well designed systems generate a feedback loop that provides insight on how well the business is working and where to improve. Without it, you are flying blind, taking guesses instead of making decisions. Get the information you need to scale.


You have probably spent money on hardware, software and services that didn’t live up to their billing. Every dollar counts in business, and losing time to missteps is a huge set back. The right technology investments catapult your business forward. The wrong ones create a financial black hole and drain your sanity. Our Software Selection Methodology and software consulting expertise highlight the differences before you spend.

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Tactical Technology Investment


  • Know What You Really Need – Automating an inefficient process doesn’t help much. Having too small or big a scope complicates matters. We help define the solution you really need by asking the probing questions, tracing the paper trail, and finding all the stakeholders.
  • Someone on Your Side – Vaillus IT can partner with you the whole way from concept to launch. We have decades of experience with enterprise applications. We can make sure you asks the right questions or we can deal with the vendors for you.
  • Cut Through the noise – Vendors only show what they want you to see. We document how you want their solutions to work and make them prove it. You get to decide with certainty what compromises you make and what impact they will have.
  • The Bottom Line – Have a detailed tactical plan for your investments that will consequently avoid costly overruns and customization. Get the software consulting expertise to implement faster and optimize your operations.


Technology is vital to competing in the lean, globally-connected markets of today. Keeping your eye on the prize of scaling your business also requires covering all the other bases also to avoid disruptions, delays, and fire drills. Most strategic planning doesn’t identify where the next broadside is coming from and doesn’t provide a framework that traces the strategic value and potential of each function of the company. Our Strategic Alignment Model keeps it all in perspective. Tulsa software consulting clients choose Vaillus IT for strategic planning that aligns their business goals and technology initiatives.

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Information Technology Strategy


  • Stakeholders – Know them all, not just obvious ones. Vendors, suppliers, business partners, neighbors, regulators, employees, officials. Any one of them can derail your momentum if they aren’t taken care of. We help you find them and know their motivations and values so you can keep them happy.
  • Core Functions – Departments aren’t functions. Processes cut across groups. Knowing where they flow helps you optimize at the interfaces so you can find where things typically break down.
  • Core Competencies – What functions does your business actually perform? Who performs them and how well? Are you equipping your business to satisfy your stakeholders and scale your business? Let’s do an assessment.
  • Strategic Planning – Plan the right initiatives that strengthen your core competencies and serve your stakeholders the way they want to be served. Find out what is holding you back from growing exponentially.

Tulsa Software Consulting

Give us a call at 918-734-7215 to reserve you spot for a free consultation. Learn from the Tulsa software consulting experts how having the right software takes your business execution to a different level.