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Change Management for the Modern Workplace

Work has fundamentally changed. Trends that were steadily taking hold have jumped on a rocket ship. Co-workers now need to be able to collaborate anytime, anywhere, on any device. Companies that embrace the Modern Workplace will maintain, even accelerate productivity, and attract the best talent, employees looking for employers who “get it”.

Most consultants and internal I.T. start with the technology. “Build it and they will come” has never succeeded. Users stick with what’s familiar because it has worked for them so far. Why change?

Because the world has changed. Your associates and teammates have been tossed into a new paradigm of work and collaboration. Most have struggled because they are trying to work the same way they always have. New work models are an epic cultural shift that has caught most companies, and I.T. teams, unprepared.

While we would never argue against embracing a cloud-centric technology strategy, failing to appreciate the challenge and angst of your user community will be problematic and costly. Business decision makers determine the pace of change for their teams. If they choose to move slowly, your company will be paying twice, once for cloud, and once to maintain the aging legacy technology infrastructure.

Vaillus IT Software Development Tulsa
Robert Dudley, Vaillus I.T. President

An End-to-End Partner for your Cloud Journey

We at Vaillus I.T. are certified in Microsoft’s Change Management Framework. We work closely with all of your stakeholders to ensure the successful implementation and adoption of any workloads you move to the Microsoft Cloud. Our well-tested Project Management methodology incorporates Change Management, as well as Knowledge Management, to ensure your migrations stay on track and are embraced company-wide. Without this rigorous approach and a people focus, migrations drag on, strain budgets, fray nerves, lose momentum, and ultimately fail.

While some service providers take you to the cloud and drop you there, we ensure a smooth transition, user adoption, and a path forward to take full advantage of all the benefits of being a cloud-centric enterprise.