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Process Improvement

Your back-office is infested with time-sucking vampires, a host of inefficient and outdated business process steps. Your employees know where they are, but they have long since stopped asking why things are done that way. “It’s just how we do it around here”, tell each other. These add up to huge losses in productivity and missed opportunity. Let the Tulsa process improvement consultants of choice get you back on track.


Find the Bottlenecks That Slow you Down


Our Methodology zeroes optimizes core long-chain processes by finding bottlenecks and pain points. We put the right software and processes in place to put money back in your bank account. We routinely slash the effort required by many core processes by 80%. Set up a free consultation with Vaillus IT by calling 918-734-7215, the one to go to for Tulsa business process improvement.

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Process Improvement


  • Timely – Inefficient workflows slow everyone down and make both you and your stakeholders wait. Good processes let you move fast. They let you spend more time building and improving your business and less time responding to interruptions and putting out fires.
  • Cost Saving – Time is money. Time lost to inefficient processes a waste of money. Worse, there’s an opportunity cost to having your best people doing non-value-add tasks when they could be engaging customers, analyzing trends and explorer new business ideas.
  • Better Tools – You’ve spent a lot of money on your office equipment but most small businesses vastly underutilize it. Get more out of what you have already spent by selecting the right software and tools that streamline your back-office processes.
  • Happier People – Job satisfaction goes up dramatically when you know you are adding value and being efficient. Poor processes sap your team’s motivation, and they expect you to address it. You work hard to get good people. Efficient business processes will help you keep them.

Tulsa Process Improvement Help


Contact us at 918-734-7215. Lets talk about how we can help you get lean and agile so you can save money, eliminate interruptions, and focus on growth.