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Software Development Detail

While there are a lot of great software packages and on-line solutions available, many times the right fit just isn’t available. Every industry and business has some things that are unique and innovative. Just because some general-purpose package doesn’t support how you operate doesn’t mean you should cave to the status quo of what everyone else is doing, or cobble together some labor-intensive work-around. A custom software development solution makes your unique way of doing business a strategic advantage. The Tulsa software development experts at Vaillus IT are ready to get to work on your project, bit or small, desktop, mobile, or web.

Be Custom, Not Customary


Custom software development is scary for many businesses, but it shouldn’t be. If your processes have been intentionally designed, it becomes obvious where the gaps are, where existing tools aren’t the right fit, and where the benefit clearly outweighs the cost. That’s why Vaillus IT offers this suite of services together.

Custom Software Development isn’t as expensive as you think… if it’s done right. Costs go off the rails when there aren’t rock solid methodologies to keep expenses and deliverables on track and within expectations. That’s why you want to choose the right partner for Tulsa software development. We will always strive to understand your business first, then give you options that let you choose the right mix of cost and benefit for your situation.

We don’t rush into design like other Tulsa software development firms. Our certified Project Managers follow our methodology to eliminate missed requirements and rework that cost you money.

What Makes Your Business Unique?

There is no such thing as a simple business. Tax, accounting, regulation and competition keep every business owner and decision maker on their toes. Even if your product or service is a commodity, the way you conduct business isn’t. Innovative methods spring from creative minds. Unique methods give your business an edge over your competition They can offer an attractive value proposition to your customers and other stakeholders.

Built on Solid Requirements

We are business process experts. We expend the effort to understand the context around the idea you’ve created.  Tease out the exact requirements that need to be implemented is our specialty. We help you explore the full capacity of your idea to effect change, and incorporate tools you already have.

Then we build your custom solution to these exact specification in manageable chunks that give you the biggest bang for your buck and get you the most value with the shortest delivery time. Our Applications Methodology and Code Generation tools let us build stable, scalable, maintainable applications using the most current languages and frameworks. You get exactly what you expect because we trace each requirement right through to its implementation.

You Never Have To Start Over

We solidly architect thoroughly documented our solutions. When it’s time to make changes or add new features, we pick up where we left off without losing momentum. Developers who throw together solutions without dependable methodologies and frameworks forget what they did last time. They retrace their code and charge you to do it. That gets expensive fast.

Tulsa Software Development Businesses Trust

Are You An Innovative Game Changer? Maybe your idea is bigger than just your company. Maybe your idea can disrupt your entire industry or another industry you want to be in. This same methodology will let us help you take your idea mainstream and get into the game.

Your great ideas deserve a great solution and a great solution provider. Let Vaillus IT be your partner in innovative Tulsa software development.