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Software Consulting Detail

Software packages and Software-as-a-Service offerings can be an amazing boost to your company’s productivity, or not. Forcing something to fit your business typically ends badly. Taking the salesman’s word for it isn’t wise either. Our Tulsa Software Consulting experts know the ropes and take the risk out of software selection.

Wondering if You Should Go It Alone?


You need enterprise software experts at your side to guide you through the process. Our Software Selection Methodology documents in detail what you need the software application to do. We delve into your operations to quickly find the missing pieces, asking the questions no one else thinks to ask, seeing how things need to fit together. We define detailed specifications and hold the vendors’ feet to the fire to prove their tools will work in your business instead of showing you only what they want you to see. Our methodology gives you an execution plan that assures the software will work as promised and be configured for your specific business.

There’s an App For That


You probably have some general-purpose packages and portals like your QuickBooks or Microsoft Dynamics accounting system, a productivity suite like Microsoft Office or Google Docs, maybe a Customer Relationship Management system. How productive would we be without them? Not very.

We invest a lot of money on computers, networks, printers, servers and the Internet to make these applications work. If that is as far as we go with our software, however, those other investments aren’t nearly as useful as they could. There are so many other wonderful solutions out there that could further boost your teams productivity.

Getting Specific With Our Software Consulting Expertise


Buying or building software that is specific to your industry or business is where things get dicey. Most of us have a general idea what we want, some key features and other “nice to haves”. We then shop around for software offerings, sit through the dog and pony shows, and pick the one that covers the key features and dazzles with lots of extras at a price we can live with.

You know the routine. After you write the check and getting rolling on implementation, you find out some of your assumptions were misguided. The vendor told you their product supported some key features, and it does, but not the way you anticipated. It integrates with your other tools, but not seamlessly. Missing functionality becomes glaringly obvious in hindsight. Of course, they are happy to sell you add-ons, premium versions, and expensive modifications. You can come up with some hokey work-around or hope the next version gives you what you need. Mostly you wind up frustrated, out a lot more money than you expected, and distracted from focusing on growing the business.

Feeling Lucky?


Don’t take chances with you next software investment. That approach rarely ends well. Get the business process and software experts on your side so you can ask the right questions and buy software with the confidence that it meets all of your needs.


Contact the Tulsa Software Consulting Team


Call Vaillus IT at 918-734-7215 to set up a free appointment. Let’s talk about how our expertise can save you money and headaches.