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Process Improvement Detail

Businesses evolve, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Their processes need to evolve too. The Tulsa Process Improvement experts at Vaillus IT ensure that teams are operating at peak efficiency. This lets decision makers delegate more important tasks so they can stay focused on strategy and execution. Also, only work that provides value gets done, saving money and time.


You Need Business Process Experts


Our business process improvement experts know how to make your back-office run like a well-oiled machine. We see the long-chain processes that cut across functional areas. We focus on outcomes rather than steps and tasks. Our Business Process Improvement Methodology lets us eliminate duplication and data fiefdoms. We introduce new tools and methods where appropriate, and smooth interactions and interfaces. Before any changes are made, we will show you how you will get back double your investment in the first year, and that’s usually conservative.

If your business is heavily dependent on paper, spreadsheets, phone calls and email, our Software Consulting, Database Development, Software Development, and Records and Knowledge Management practices will give you the tools you need to maximize your output and do the right things the right way to scale your business instead of just grow it.


The Only Constant is Change


Technological changes bring new ways of communicating, tracking, visualizing, accessing the information you need when and where you need it, but we all know change is hard. People bake inefficiencies into what they do, wasting time, consuming valuable resources, tying up your most capable people. Over time people stop asking questions, and inertia sets in. They accept that it’s just how things are done. Its time to start those conversations again, to get the creativity of your best people flowing to find new and better ways to work.

If you were to add up all the little inefficiencies, the dollar cost would boggle your mind, not to mention the opportunity cost of having your best people tied up doing duplicate clerical work or chasing paper around instead of adding real value to the organization.

What kinds of inefficiencies are we talking about? Information that gets keyed in several times because someone has a few more details that matter to them or need to see it differently. Hours wasted hunting down paper and electronic documents to find important data. Documents that sit in paper or electronic inboxes until someone digs deep enough to notice them. Reports that are manually constructed instead of generated from existing data. Having to go ask a colleague for information that should just be available. Answering the same questions over and over because the answers aren’t readily available. Correcting the same mistakes over and over because your system has no way of enforcing rules. Lack of understanding or cooperation between different departments and functions. We could go on.


Where it Goes Wrong


Without a systematic approach to designing your business processes, they spring up naturally. A well-meaning and capable employee devises a way to do the job using available familiar tools such as email, spreadsheets, and paper forms.

The employee has sole control of the system. When they leave on vacation, chaos ensues because no one else knows how to do the job, and they are afraid of messing up the process. If the company hires an assistant or promotes the gatekeeper, someone must convey all knowledge of the system face to face. The hand-off period extends for a considerable and costly amount of time. If the gatekeeper leaves the company, the replacement doesn’t use much of the prior process because he or she has no idea how it works.

These and other negative effects of not being intentional about the design of business processes cost companies up to 30% of revenue. They lose even more to the opportunity cost of managers who can’t delegate work to overworked subordinates consumed with mundane chores that don’t add value.


How To Make It Right


Business processes shouldn’t depend on the special knowledge of a few key people. Let us help you intentionally design and document them so everyone knows what to expect. We remove the work-arounds and the complexity that have evolved over time. Leaders get to hand critical tasks off to subordinates and manage by exception while staying focused on strategy an execution. For Tulsa process improvement, Vaillus IT has you covered.

Vaillus IT knows the right tools need to deploy because we have decades of experience working with long-chain processes to:

  • Capture inputs closer to where systems and team members generate them
  • Identify where information might already exist to avoid duplicate effort
  • Ensure terminology is common across individuals and groups to avoid miscommunication
  • Generate the outcomes the final stakeholders need as early as possible to avoid round after round of input and presentation.

Tulsa Process Improvement Help


Don’t go it alone. Process improvement is a daunting task on your own and damages morale if not handled properly. Having a fresh pair of eyes is a must, someone who can step back and give you a new perspective. At Vaillus IT, we spot the problems people take for granted and have stopped noticing anymore. The Tulsa process improvement experts are a phone call away.

Call us at 918-734-7215 to set up a free consultation. We would love to share our insights on how to make your business a model for your industry.