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Strategic Planning Alignment Model

How do you know what projects to undertake, what markets to go after, and what competencies you team should development next? We model your goals, functional areas, primary and secondary stakeholders and core competencies so you have those answers. At Vaillus IT, our Strategic Planning Alignment Model gives you the big picture while clarifying the actions to take. Identifying the internal development initiatives and projects with the biggest return become obvious because our model gives you deep insights. If you are fed up with being waylaid by stakeholders and expectations that weren’t accounted for, we’ve got that answered too.

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  • Business Goals – We start with your current strategic plan. We identify secondary stakeholders, review core competencies, and analyze the skills and tools gaps. We recommend objectives to fix the processes that waste time, waste money, and distract from efforts to scale the business.
  • Stakeholders – No stakeholder can be ignored. They all have needs and motivations for those needs. If they aren’t identified and addressed, they lead to emergencies and fire drills that derail your progress. Turn them into raving fans by addressing them strategically.
  • Grow your people – For a business to grow rapidly, its people have to grow rapidly too. No manager can focus on the growth picture without handing off routine knowledge, training, and decision making. Learn how to prepare you team to step up take over.
  • Long Chain Processes – The handoff between people and departments is where communication and knowledge transfer break down most often. See how your people interact as part of your major functions instead of dividing them by departments and job titles.

Typical strategy consultants can’t give you a competitive edge since they don’t know the landscape of disruptive technologies. Vaillus IT is the best option for Strategic Planning that aligns your business and technology initiatives. Call the ones who know how to translate strategy into execution across the board. Call Vaillus IT at 918-734-7215 for a free consultation.