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Software Selection Methodology

We build on the Business Process Modeling Methodology and the Requirements Management Methodology to create a systematic way of evaluating vendors” products. There is a lot of great software out there, but every company is unique and a one-size-fits-all approach can get you in trouble. Our Software Selection approach lets you ask the right questions and have confidence in your choices.

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  • Clarity – Vendors will try to tell you what you need based on what everyone else wants. The shadiest of them base it on what their software does. We show you exactly what functionality is critical, what is negotiable, and what is just nice to have.
  • No Dog And Pony – Salespeople like to show the eye candy, the best parts of their software, in hopes of dazzling you into a purchase. We make them deliver the demonstration that proves they can solve your problems using their actual software, not slick marketing slides.
  • Qualitative Selection – Our methodology acts as a scoreboard so you can objectively compare competing products. Make them prove how well they can meet your needs and standards. If there is a good match, you will know it.
  • No headaches – Picking the wrong software can turn into a nightmare,  consuming time and money you didn’t budget for. We make sure you get the software you thought you were getting in the first place. We help you get it right the first time.

Call Vaillus IT today at 918-734-7215 to set up a free consultation about your software needs. Don’t risk going it alone. Getting the right software is too important. We have been helping companies evaluate their needs, choose the right software for years. Let us help you get up and running with business software that moves the needle on efficiency and business insight.