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Software Development Methodology Detail

An integral part of making any process better is to look for a way to automate it. Computers can crunch numbers, answer questions, monitor indicators, make decisions if we tell them the rules, communicate information if we tell them who to involve. Let them, and let us put those processes in place and tell those computers what to do. Often there’s an off the shelf tool that fits. Sometimes there isn’t. Sometimes there’s one that’s close but needs some tweaks. Custom Database Design and Software Development can be exactly the right answer. Make sure its done right. Our solid Software Development Methodology keeps your project on track from start to finish.

Every industry is unique, and every business is too. Software that fits your business is always the best choice. If tailoring an off-the-shelf solution meets your needs, we help you go that route. If not, we will build custom software so you can do the job just the way you need to. Either way, bring us in early so we can help you know the difference before you drop serious coin.


Not your Typical Software Developers


Freelance software developers and most development shops are good at what they do, which is write software. Unfortunately, the can’t wait to start doing what they do: write software. All the important steps that come beforehand either get skirted over or skipped entirely. Like what you ask?


Our Competitors Can’t Compete


Since they aren’t business processes experts, they are fine and well to automate bad processes, essentially helping you do the wrong things faster. It might be somewhat better, but you aren’t getting anywhere near the return on investment you would get if the process itself was optimized first.

They don’t really try to understand your business. They just need to know enough to do the database design and software development you thought to ask for. If there are opportunities to zoom out and inspect the long-chain process, adjacent processes, your existing investments, well, too bad, so sad.

They do software development. They aren’t going to explore off-the-shelf solutions to see if there is something already available that meets your needs at a lower price point. No matter the question, the answer is to write software.

Since they don’t understand your whole business, they will often reinvent the wheel, building a database design that overlaps what you already have somewhere else, building functionality you have in an existing application but isn’t being used. Its wasted effort and money, but it also splits up your information across multiple databases, making it harder to get the big picture. For example, they might build a vendor table instead of using the one that’s already in your accounting system.


We are Business Processes Experts First


We’re great software development experts second. We love to write useful and innovative software, but we always start with a solid understanding of business goals, scope, stakeholder needs, budgets and schedules, previous efforts, and existing solutions. We delve into the detailed requirements using our Requirements Management Methodology and understand the context using our Business Process Modeling Methodology. You will get the best solution at the best price, what you need, not what we want to build.

Only with solid requirements in place, verified by you, and only when an off-the-shelf solution doesn’t exist, do we start writing software. Our Software Development Methodology ensures that we build the right solution the right way. We break the assignment down into features and user interactions, define each usage scenario, identify the business rules and constraints, clarify inputs and outputs, and ensure that we are meeting the needs of all the stakeholders.


Software Development Done Right


We translate these requirements into code. We are sticklers for traceability and continuous testing so every requirement is implemented properly. Our testing framework catches bugs during the software development activities and keeps them out of the delivered software.


Faster Productivity


We get a usable product in your hands fast. A useful product that adds real value and implements the most important features comes first. We then layer in additional functionality on a predefined schedule. You have ample time to put the solution through its paces. Formulate new ideas before we get too far in. Actually use functionality in production without having to wait for the entire project to be completed. This agile software development methodology is the most successful way to deliver software in a business environment.


No Surprises


On top of our Software Development Methodology is our agile Project Management Methodology. It lets us expertly manages budget, schedule, personnel, investments, deliverables and reporting. You get the insight you need to stay to date on the progress of your initiative. You will know exactly what is being delivered and when and how much you can expect to be invoiced for.


The Obvious Choice is Vaillus IT


Don’t trust your most crucial core processes to a programmer that knows code but doesn’t understand your business. Trust the business process experts who can get it done right and get it done fast. Call 918-734-7215 today to schedule a free consultation.