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Requirements Management Methodology

Buying or building the right software depends on getting Requirements Management right. We use an agile hybrid Requirements Management and Elicitation methodology based on the popular Volere business analysis system to nail the requirements before you spend money on software. Once all the right questions get asked, the software that makes sense is often not what what you thought.

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  • Functionality – Applications are written for people. They make people more efficient. That’s the place to start. Each stakeholder describes what they accomplish, the rules for accomplishing it, and the final outcome.
  • Rules – Every process has rules for performing  sequential tasks in the right order. Business rules determine who can perform them, how to format data, and what to calculate. Our experienced business analysts find and capture the rules up front instead of by the trial and error method of most developers.
  • Features – We design systems that scale by finding the common elements in your application and making them reusable throughout to speed development and elimninate chances for bugs. We also use our own frameworks to supply many features out of the box.
  • Staged Delivery – Our agile development process breaks the project into stages. We focus on the most important functionality up front and get a useful solution in your hands quickly. We add secondary features in later.

Call Vaillus IT at 918-734-7215 to help with all your software needs. We assist you with finding a solution that fits your business. If one doesn’t fit your unique situation, we will custom build one for you. Either way, understanding the requirements always comes first.