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Requirements Management Methodology Detail

At Vaillus IT, we always start with a solid understanding of your needs before any database design, software selection or software development takes place. We are business process experts.  Our Requirements Management Methodology is dependable, so we catch what others miss. That means you get a better solution faster.

Brave New World

Technology is what gives businesses the competitive edge these days. Systems and networks can operate with blazing speeds unthinkable just a few years ago. Connectivity from even the most remote location is becoming an expectation. The most influential technology factor, however, is software.

We have life-altering applications at our fingertips and get to choose among any number of them. Business applications are becoming accessible from anywhere on the device you have available. What used to require several applications is now rolled into one intuitive tool. What used to require a connected desktop workstation can now be done from your smartphone at a ballgame or in line at the grocery store.

Disruption is the Norm

Software disrupts entire industries on a daily basis. Because of software development geniuses in some distant office space, your local mall is losing its anchor stores. Brick and mortar bookstores struggle to survive. Movie rentals are practically non-existent.

Who is disrupting your industry with innovative software development? Reach your far-flung customers with the right technology. Wire your shops and equip your field techs with tablet-enabled software. Unshackle your back-office from low-tech and archaic processes. Swap elementary tools like spreadsheets and paper forms for advanced intuitive database development and reporting systems.

Ideas are the Easy Part

You probably have some great ideas already, but executing on them is challenging. What applications should you buy or have developed? Where are the biggest opportunities and how to you make sure you are buying or building something that meets all your needs, even the ones you haven’t discovered yet. Is software selection or software development a better choice for you? Will your database and software be flexible enough to grow with you?

Start Here

Our Requirements Management Methodology is thorough and complete. Business process experts who know how software works developed it and us it. We find the rules, requirements, and usage scenarios you didn’t know were there because we dig deep and understand how it all fits together.

We follow the Volere Requirements methodology with some customization and automation to improve traceability and reporting. This approach divides the features and functionality in logical ways so inspecting them first at a higher level is possible. Software consultants without a good Requirements Management Methodology drill down into the details too quickly. The big picture only emerges over time for them, so rework results and costs increase.

We structure every requirements management document to be understandable. Decision makers and the people who do the work are able to verify them and trace the requirements to their implementation in software. If the rules change or you introduce new technology in the future, you will now exactly where to look.

Moving Forward

Our Requirements Management tools clarify your vision at a high level, giving you a solid grasp of what CAN be done. Other models and methodologies help you decide what SHOULD be done. The Strategic Alignment Model helps you settle on a reasonable scope that meets the needs of your stakeholders and optimizes your core value-add long-chain business processes.

We equip you with these detailed requirements so you can confidently shop for a solution to your needs. You can compare and contrast packaged or software-as-a-service cloud offerings and know whether they will work for you. Our Software Selection Methodology lets you compare vendors’ offering to your detailed requirements so you pick the right package and avoid surprises that would otherwise only be obvious after you have made a big investment of money and time.

Innovators Welcome

Your idea is groundbreaking or specific to your business or industry. There might not be a cloud or legacy on-premises application available that can do what you need done. We have you covered there too. Our Database Design and Software Development practices will turn your detailed requirements into a custom-built application that can make your back-office hum, connect with your customers and suppliers, or turn into a marketable product in your industry. Got some ideas? Let’s talk.