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Project Management Methodology Detail

All our service offerings are intended to work collaboratively to ensure that your organization has the right systems and tools in place so you can scale your business. From Strategic Vision to Tactical Investment to Operational Excellence, our models and methodologies are designed to move you forward quickly without having to learn from your own mistakes. Knitting them all together is our Project Management Methodology.

All Under One Umbrella

We keep a high level product-oriented perspective of the services we provide to you because we intend for them to work together over time. An example of a “product” might be optimizing a core long-chain business process. It might take several projects to automate and optimize portions of the process as time and budgets permit, but there is an end goal in mind. Keeping the big picture visible makes sure that the projects are accomplishing your short-term goals while contributing to your long-term strategy.

We then introduce a a mix of our other methodologies and models tailored to fit your needs. Our Process Improvement, Software Consulting, Database Development, Software Development, and Records and Knowledge Management practices are just the ticket to turning your organization into the one that makes the industry stand up and take notice, maybe even cringe in fear.

Provider versus Partner

Having a variety of service providers for hardware, database development, reporting, software development, off-the-shelf software, business strategy and records management inevitably results in a confused set of solutions, processes, and collaboration. Data islands, information deserts, fire drills and finger pointing become common practice. It is literally impossible to scale your business in such a fragile operating environment.

At Vaillus IT, we have structured ourselves to be a long-term partner. We have an expansive and immersive suite of service offerings that work together seamlessly. Cherry picking and hacking at the leaves just aren’t what we are about. They aren’t what your business is about either. We bring about a radical transformation with our business partners that lays the groundwork for exponential growth.

Rule them All

Doing so means we have to understand both your short-term goals and long-term strategy. Our well-defined Project Management Methodology lets us track our activities and deliverables against these markers. Always adding value happens by design, not by chance. Knowing where you are headed, then dividing it into manageable chunks, is what a product approach is all about. We can even incorporate your other service provider’s activities under the same umbrella. That means coordinating your hardware and off-the-shelf software upgrades with the other initiatives.

Getting Clear, Getting to Done

We identify and track the strategy and project parameters so we can execute our Project Management Methodology to perfection. This entails documenting the objectives of the assignment, the expected outcomes and improvements, the affected stakeholders, success criteria, necessary expertise, deliverables, gates, budget and schedule. We coordinate the team and track their work against the key directives and indicators so you can monitor progress.

We provide detailed progress reports, charts and cost breakdowns. No more surprises like when your developer springs a release on you. Regardless of the type of project we are doing for you, we use the same flexible, detailed methodology. We do your project right, getting it done on time, and on budget.