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Business Process Improvement Methodology Detail

Team members operate the same ineffective way for so long; consequently, they forget why they do things the way the do them. They stop questioning the value of the process or asking for assistance and permission to improvement it. An outside perspective brings their creativity back to life. Vaillus IT is the one to call for Business Process Improvement that can slash operating costs for core processes by 80%. Reach out to us at 918-734-7215.


Keeping Up


Processes naturally atrophy over time. Business rules are improved, new technologies become available, people move on and others come on board, and the business grows and adds new staff and functions.

If you aren’t constantly reviewing your processes to identify inefficiencies, redundant effort, improper tooling and sources of mistakes, you are likely spending a large part of every day reacting to the consequences of these random processes.


See the Big Picture


Our Business Process Improvement Methodology starts with identifying your core long-chain processes, the ones that are most important to get right and cause the most grief when they aren’t. We document the current state of those processes using standard syntax rules and diagram notations. Tracking down the workarounds that managers don’t even know exist is an enlightening part of the effort. We thoroughly document the interfaces too by identifying the inputs to the next step, who routs them to whom and what actions they take. These diagrams and narratives reveal a raft of obvious improvements and are, therefore, eye-opening to the process contributors upstream.




Once you are done cringing from how stuff gets done, we move on to how to fix it. We will work with you to search out duplicated effort and data. Tracking down the sources of common errors and oversights the next piece. Finally, we introduce technology to slash time spent waiting often by 80% so that workflows that took days can take hours or minutes.

We are well equipped to show you where technology can slash your back office operating costs. Our Software Selection Methodology and Software Development Methodology will identify the exact tools to solve your productivity problems. They identify the exact requirements so that we can build a custom solution that fits the way you do business.


Pass it On


After we collaborate with you to institute the improvements we will document the new processes. Its your turn to educate the entire team so they work together seamlessly. Bring on new team members in record time. Burning precious time explaining how your business works is a thing of the past. Relying on employee-to-employee on-the-job hit-and-miss training stops too. Vacations, promotions, and turnover don’t turn into fire drills. You no longer lose valuable expertise and knowledge in translation.

Change these new expertly-crafted processes as your business rules change over time, or as you discover new efficiencies. We will make sure you know how to conduct your own Business Process Improvement workshops.

Our Business Process Improvement Methodology is a game changer. It can literally cut your total back-office operations cost in half and double your execution speed, or more! Call Vaillus IT at 918-734-7215 to find out how to slash operating costs and boost your bottom line.