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Tactical Technology Investment

Tulsa Technology Investment at Vaillus IT

You’ve probably spent of money on technology investment of hardware, software and services that didn’t live up to their billing. As a small business, every dollar counts and losing time to missteps can be a huge set back. Making the right technology investments can catapult your business forward. The wrong ones become a financial black hole and drain your sanity. Our Software Selection Methodology makes sure you can spot the difference before you spend.

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Tactical Technology Investment


  • Know What You Really Need – Automating an inefficient process doesn’t help much. Having too small or big a scope complicates matters. We help define the solution you really need by asking the probing questions, tracing the paper trail, and finding all the stakeholders.
  • Someone on Your Side – Vaillus IT can partner with you the whole way from concept to launch. We have decades of experience with enterprise applications. We can make sure you asks the right questions or we can deal with the vendors for you.
  • Cut Through the noise – Vendors only show what they want you to see. We document how you want their solutions to work and make them prove it. You get to decide with certainty what compromises you make and what impact they will have.
  • The Bottom Line – Avoid costly overruns and customizations. Let us help you detail your tactical plan so you always make solid technology investment decisions. Implement faster so you can optimize your operations and start saving money and eliminating waste.

Tulsa Technology Investment Help

Call Vaillus IT at 918-734-7215 when you consider your next technology investment. We have the experience to make sure you choose the solutions that fit and avoid the ones that don’t. One call gets you a free consultation. Get started today.