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Strategic Alignment Detail

Tulsa Strategic Alignment at Vaillus IT


You have a clear vision of where you want your business to be eventually. As an expert in your industry,  you know what your customers want and how to provide it. Running a business successfully also requires being aware of all the other things that have to go right. Someone has to pay attention to everyone else who has a stake in your business and how it operates. Otherwise you will inevitably get blindsided in the areas you put on autopilot and thought you could safely ignore. Suppliers, regulators, employees, business partners, even neighbors are all sources of surprises, and surprises are the enemy of efficient operations in businesses that are trying to grow exponentially. Working with the Tulsa strategic alignment team at Vaillus IT and lets you manage them all.

Are You Counting All Your Stakeholders?


Customers are your most important stakeholders to be sure, but they are far from the only ones. Ignore the other ones at your own peril. Employees, investors, vendors, business partners, regulators, industry organizations, neighbors, they all need something from us. Forgetting about them and their needs leads to crises from unexpected sources at the most inopportune times.

Here are the phases in our Strategic Alignment Model:

Stakeholder Identification

  • Identify the obvious as well as secondary stakeholders
  • Determine what they need and why they need it
  • Discover what values and motivations drive these needs
  • Explorer how they want it provided

 Gap Analysis

  • How well does your business meet those needs
  • What initiatives should you undertake to close the gaps
  • What resources are available to undertake these initiatives, and in what time frame.

 Analysis of Core Competencies

  • Determine how equipped your organization is to undertake the necessary initiatives to meet your stakeholders’ needs
  • Identify the gaps and lay out a program to enhance the necessary core competencies
  • Rank the candidate initiatives by impact and your ability to engage them
  • Determine if temporarily bringing in outside talent will move the initiatives forward

Results from the Model Exercise


  • An organizational development plan that maps directly to the things your stakeholders care about most.
  • A set of initiatives that make the best choices for your investment dollars obvious and their impact on your current situation clear.

Insight You Can Use


This sounds like a lot of effort, but going through the first pass takes just a few hours. A deep dive can be done on any of these model components to provide more insight where it makes sense.

To be able to work with this level of clarity brings peace mind because it downgrades the frequency and severity of unexpected broadsides. Coupled with our Tactical Investments practice and our Operational Excellence practice, your investments will be directed toward the technologies and processes that have the highest return on investment and provide strategic value. You will be able to pass these concerns to your trusted staff members and know that they will be just as clear as you are on what your team is doing and why they are doing it. You can stay focused on the big picture, and probably sleep better at night too.

Already Have A Strategic Plan?


That’s a great place to start. It’s the big vision you are reaching for. Every business should know where it is going. Most strategic planning lacks a mechanism to keep it from getting hijacked by day-to-day concerns and fire drills when something unexpected happens. IT doesn’t translate into detailed initiatives to keep you on track. Our model helps you account for the other functions your business has to be aware of so you can be proactive in monitoring them and addressing issues before they become problems.

What are the core processes that cut across departments, take days to complete, and require difficult communication routines? These the source of mistakes, lost paperwork, missed phone calls, irritated customers and frustrated team members. Who are the stakeholders that get forgotten about until they demand your attention and response? Working on executing your strategic plan can suddenly grind to halt, and getting that momentum back is difficult.

Working with Vaillus IT for Tulsa strategic alignment gives you insight into the entirety of your business operations so you can better plan your investments. Coupled with our other practices such as Process ImprovementDatabase Development, Software Development, Records Management and Knowledge Management, your back-office operations can scream. You proactively manage your company’s core processes. Interruptions go away. No more fire drills. You stay focused on Strategic Planning. What kind of progress could you make then? Could you scale your business? Yes, you could.


Tulsa Strategic Alignment


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