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Business Process Improvement Detail

Tulsa Business Process Improvement at Vaillus IT

Business Processes are where the rubber meets the road on the way toward reaching the vision you’ve set. Doing business right means getting the big things right and getting the little things right too. For Tulsa Business Process Improvement, Vaillus IT is your one stop shop.


Over-Reliance on Key Employees


Most small businesses do not take the time to clearly define their business workflows. A few key people such as the owners, the General Manager, a trusted back office person and a team lead possess the knowledge of how things are done, and everyone else relies on them. Business Process Improvement finds and fixes these dangerous dependencies.

When your business is dependent on a few core employees to…

  • Make all significant decisions
  • Review the work of staff members in detail to make sure it was done right before proceeding
  • Answer anything other than routine questions
  • Route communications between employees in different functional areas or locations
  • Provide necessary information from a central data store to where it’s needed
  • Bring new employees up to speed with on the job training and hand-holding
  • Double their workload in you were to double your business

… then you can grow but you can’t scale. What’s the difference?


Growing versus Scaling


Scaling is taking a systemic approach to designing the processes the business runs on so the core team can focus on higher-value-added responsibilities.

Are you committed to scaling your business, to Operational Excellence? It takes:

  • Business Process Improvement that designs workflows to be both efficient and effective.
  • Market leading technology that monitors the state of your operations and warns you before a crisis erupts.
  • Information that is collected where it is generated and available where it is needed without relying on data gatekeepers.
  • Communications platforms that keep everyone on the same page from the executive office to the shop to the field.
  • Software that fits your business, that enforces the rules, that provides your staff, customers, and decision makers with information they need when they need it.

You probably have an IT guy, someone who installs your workstations, fixes your printers, upgrades the network. What does he actually know about your business? “Not much” is they reply we hear most often.


Change Is Hard


We get that. If you don’t change what you are doing, you can’t change where you are going. You can grow, but not scale. Business Process Improvement puts you on a trajectory to scaling your growth by dealing with the inefficiencies that slow you down and steal your focus. At Vaillus IT, we’re right with you every step of the way, one step at a time, on the road to your future.


Vaillus IT is Different


At Vaillus IT, we are the Tulsa business process improvement experts to partner with. We’ve been improving the way people work for decades, letting them concentrate on moving the needle in their market, on analyzing data instead of keying it in. Our work pays for itself with blazing speed. Here’s how we do it:

  • Vaillus IT learns your business in record time, identifying key stakeholders and their needs, and zeroing in on the core long-chain processes that can make or break you.
  • Our team spots opportunities for game-changing improvement and identify or build software that fits the way you operate. We help you realize operational excellence, a back office that doesn’t impede your progress on the road to scalability, that doesn’t tie up your key people with routine distractions, that lets you work ON your business, not just IN it.
  • We help you boost the morale and output of your team by letting them realize their potential doing meaningful work, not soul-sucking, mind-numbing, mundane clerical tasks.


How We Make Change Work For You:

Tulsa Business Process Improvement


Call the experts at Vaillus IT to find out how improved processes can save you company a lot of money and let you focus on strategy. Book a free consultation at 918-734-7215 today.