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Strategic Alignment

Technology is vital to competing in the lean, globally-connected markets of today. Keeping your eye on the prize of scaling your business also requires covering all the other bases also to avoid disruptions, delays, and fire drills. Most strategic planning doesn’t identify where the next broadside is coming from and doesn’t provide a framework that traces the strategic value and potential of each function of the company. Our Strategic Alignment Model keeps it all in perspective so you can focus on solve the right problems and maximizing your return on technology investment.

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Information Technology Strategy


  • Stakeholders – Know them all, not just obvious ones. Vendors, suppliers, business partners, neighbors, regulators, employees, officials. Any one of them can derail your momentum if they aren’t taken care of. We help you find them and know their motivations and values so you can keep them happy.
  • Core Functions – Departments aren’t functions. Processes cut across groups. Knowing where they flow helps you optimize at the interfaces and fringes where things typically break down so you can run efficiently.
  • Core Competencies – What functions does your business actually perform? Who performs them and how well? Are you equipped to satisfy your stakeholders and scale your business? Let’s do an assessment.
  • Strategic Planning – Know what your stakeholders need. Choose business and technology initiatives to strengthen your core competencies so  you can serve your them. Find out what is holding you back from growing exponentially.

Companies spend a lot of money on technology hoping it will make them more efficient. Vision is a dream with a timeline. Stop dreaming about being an efficiently-run company. Know what will make you one so you and act on it. Let Vaillus IT help you plan your initiatives so you can reach your vision. Call us at 918-734-7215 for a free consultation to find out how.