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Get Five Times More Work Done

Tulsa Business Process Improvement at Vaillus IT


At Vaillus IT, we are business process experts. Our Tulsa Business Process Improvement solutions turn clunky business processes into work flows that fit your operations perfectly. We help your best people get back to focusing on doing their best work. Learn how to slash operating costs by up to 80% from your core processes by calling Vaillus IT at 918-734-7215 today.


What is a Business Process?


Simply put, a business process is work that turns inputs into outputs that fulfill a business need. many individual tasks comprise a process, each with their own inputs and outputs. The outputs from one task becoming inputs for others.

Business processes start out simple, well documented, and well understood. Over time, new requirements spring up, more people are involved, more information is needed in more formats. People make do with the technology they have. Information is passed across departmental boundaries between people who do not understand each other’s work or needs. Processes subsequently become bloated and inefficient.

For Tulsa Business Process Improvement, partner with Vaillus IT. We specialize in optimizing long-chain processes. We find out what is unique about your business and use our expertise to build solutions that fit. Keep your innovations and unique competitive advantage. We make sure they cost less to maintain.


Input Inefficiencies


To optimize your business processes, we first find the inefficiencies. We find them in the actual work, in inputs to the work, and where employees hand off work to each other. Let’s start by looking at inefficiencies with the inputs.

Inputs are inefficient at almost every company for the same reasons. Many studies  reveal that knowledge workers, office workers who deal with information for a living, spend 20% of their time searching for information they need. That’s the equivalent of wasting one day per week. What are they looking for? Documents, emails, contact information, and important files among other things.


Touch it Once


Another productivity killer is handling the same information over and over. Outputs from one task become the inputs to others, often are crossed departmental boundaries. When the people involved do not understand each other’s work and information needs, they alter the content to meet those needs. Employees lose considerable time re-keying information, copying and pasting, downloading, matching, sorting, filtering, and summarizing. This new content becomes the input to other tasks, and the inefficient work starts all over again.

Since one task needs another, critical work waits while someone completes a prerequisite tasks. When processes consist of many tasks, the delays add up to hours or even days.

There are many other reasons inputs can be inefficient. Data can reside in one of business applications. Workers log in and search for a suitable report in order to download the information before using it. Often they must download data from more than one application and stitched together.


Tulsa Business Process Improvement


Forward thinking companies evolve their technology to get lean and agile and stay ahead of the competition. They leverage their uniqueness for competitive advantage instead of letting it hobble them because custom software development gives them that edge. Our Tulsa Business Process Improvement services will have your company humming. Call us at 918-734-7215 for a free consultation.


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