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Who Is Vaillus IT

Vaillus IT is your best option for building a business that is efficient and agile. Call us at 918-734-7215 to find out we can help you move faster and with confidence.


There Are No Simple Businesses


Running a business of any size requires an attention to a wide range of concerns. Decision makers need at least some knowledge of the variety of task the company performs across all its business units. Vaillus IT has the know-how to bring it all in focus.

Small and mid-sized businesses face particularly daunting challenges. They have all the same disciplines and requirements as large companies but fewer people to spread the workload and knowledge base over. Everyone wears multiple hats, especially the owners and General Managers, who tend to be experts in their industry and proficient at a whole host of other tasks. They train team members, answer questions, make decisions, deal with customers, and still manage to stay profitable.

Technology Cuts Both Ways

Technology is a particularly problematic area. It changes too fast for one person or a small group to devote enough attention to the latest trends and make sense of them. Small and mid-sized businesses typically forgo an IT team large and diverse enough to cover all the bases from hardware to networks to vertical applications to productivity tools to websites and social media. Many have no IT professionals on staff all. Most rely on outside resources to plug the gap and vendors and consultants to provide guidance. Most aren’t thrilled with the outcomes they typically receive.

Where We Fit


You probably already have a technology service provider, and “IT guy”. Our question to you is “How much do they know about your business?” The typical answer we hear is “not much”. They manage your server, install your network, configure your workstations, stomp out viruses, and fix your printers well enough.

We aren’t looking to replace them. These are good and necessary services. We’re just different. Our mission is focused on understanding the way you operate, on what makes your business scale, on the core processes that make your business possible, on the issues that impede your progress to becoming the company you want to be.


Double Your Productivity


We are business process experts. We make sure we understand your core business processes and make sure you understand them better too. Our team works with you to make ground-breaking improvements in the way you operate your back-office to free you up for the critical and strategic work of building your business.

Vaillus IT doubles the productivity of your team and slashes back-office operating costs to the bone. We do this by eliminating duplicate effort, centralizing the storage of critical data, making information available where and when it is needed. We help you reorient your key people to more value-adding functions. Our solutions keeping distractions from derailing your day so you stay focused on strategy and growth.


It Takes A Team


We are multi-disciplinary. Vaillus IT provides you with the Project Managers, Business Analysts, Database Analysts, Software Developers, Report Developers, and other skill sets that you need but can’t afford to keep on staff. We have full-time resources and we also engage professionals who have full-time jobs with larger employers and are looking to do side work and impact small businesses in their community. They are experienced and well-trained by the organizations that employ them full time, and they love doing what they do. They are the resource that levels the playing field between you and the big players.