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Meet the President

Vaillus IT Software Development TulsaBob Dudley, President of Vaillus IT


If you are going to bring in a strategic advisor, it better be someone who has been around the block a few times. Technology pervades every aspect of business these days from the executive suite to the sales desk to the shop to the field and everything in between. You need a partner who has fought in the trenches of all of these disciplines and lived to tell about it.

You found one. Bob Dudley is the President of Vaillus IT. He has nearly three decades of IT experience providing every manner of IT services available, so he’s got the chops to tackle your toughest challenges. Bob has experience working with medium and small businesses in a variety of industries . He started Vaillus IT to bring that immense wealth of knowledge to the broader business community. His passion is taking on the daunting challenges businesses face so they can leverage technology investments strategically and profitably. You won’t find a more well-rounded and knowledgeable advisor and partner anywhere.

He brings his high energy, passion, and experience to manage multi-disciplinary teams for every client we engage. Bob has a passion for excellence and always exceeding expectations by delivering the right solutions on-time and on-budget. He strives to ensure that our solutions pay for themselves many times over in record speed.

He speaks the language of business as fluently as he speaks the language of technology. Bob Dudley is uniquely qualified to be a trusted advisor and solution provider.