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Who is Vaillus IT?


  • We are a multi-disciplinary team of Information Technology professionals. Our skilled technicians excel in all matters of back-office operation. We are passionate about the businesses we partner with. We specialize in helping companies get the right software solutions in place so they can run at peak efficiency, out-compete their rivals, and grow exponentially. What makes Vaillus IT different from other IT service providers is that we actually get to know how your industry and business work. We learn where your company is headed so we can provide the exact solutions needed at a fair price and in the right order.

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Our Mission


  • Our mission is to help small businesses scale, not just grow, because our success depends on theirs. We clarify and optimize core processes. Our technology expertise helps businesses deploy technologies and tools that make them efficient and agile. We structure systems and processes that put routine issues on autopilot so they don’t become disruptions and emergencies. We help decision makers concentrate on making their businesses great in big strides, not small increments.

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Meet the President


  • Bob Dudley started Vaillus IT after a decades-long career in corporate IT. He is an accomplished and attentive leader. Bob has extensive experience in software, systems, networks, project management, records management, and knowledge management. He is uniquely qualified to lead a multi-disciplinary team comprised of the many skill sets necessary to lead our clients through technology transitions.

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Call Vaillus IT today at 918-734-7215. Are you planning technology investments? Do you have ideas to disrupt your industry? Are productivity issues keeping your business from operating at peak capacity?

We help your best people do their best work so you can delegate. You get to stay focused on strategy because growing your business exponentially takes focus.