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Endpoint Management in the Modern Workplace

Traditional endpoint management is a hassle, requiring manual effort on every machine that needs to be deployed or upgraded. In the Modern Workplace, new devices are dropped shipped and configured remotely, while existing ones are upgraded the same way. Also, workstations and mobile devices are checked for compliance with your security policies before getting access to your network and content.

Deploying new machines, and upgrading existing ones used to be a hassle. With Windows 10 and Microsoft 365, your device image can be deployed remotely from the cloud to machines that would otherwise be out of reach.

Keeping your computers’ and other devices’ operating systems and applications up to date is a cyber-security must-have. Now you can schedule and deploy patches and upgrades automatically from the cloud. New security policies can be download automatically too. Block devices that don’t meet your security requirements. Put an end to the hassle of managing equipment by hand and the risk of non-compliant systems.