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The Microsoft Modern Workplace

The world changed. Change with it.

The Modern Workplace is nothing like it’s predecessor. People want to be able to get work done and collaborate fluidly wherever they are, at any time, from whatever device they have available. They aren’t waiting for your I.T. to catch up, but it would certainly help if it did.

The legacy workplace is the old way of doing things, and it doesn’t work anymore, especially not now. For business people and decision makers, It’s having to be in the office, or connected to the VPN, to open your files and applications. It’s hunting for texts, voicemails, emails, and files spread all over the place to get the big picture on your projects. It’s having an inbox full of duplicate messages and attachments, most of which are out of date. It’s having to go around I.T. to find good-enough solutions just to get your work done. It’s being an afterthought and second-class contributor when you couldn’t be in the meeting in person.

For owners and leaders, it’s losing control of your intellectual property to BYOD devices. it’s not knowing what compliance issue is going to suddenly appear and cost you gobs of money. It’s not getting the information you need because your team isn’t available in the same place at the same time to make sense of the incoming data.

It’s not any better for I.T. The legacy workplace is layers upon layers of expensive on-premises network and server infrastructure. It’s troubleshooting equipment and configuration failures in the middle of the night. It’s spending all your time babysitting, obsolete equipment instead of learning new skills or working on strategic initiatives. it’s solving the same problems over and over.

The Microsoft Modern Workplace in Action

The Modern Workplace is the new way to work. It’s the enterprise in the cloud. It’s having access to all your important information wherever you are, day or night, on any device. It’s having all your project information in one “collaboration hub”: chat, virtual meetings, documents, project plans, voice calls, even applications. It’s the assurance of being protected from cyber-threats and being compliant with policies and regulations.

Regulator Compliance Simplified

It’s an ongoing challenge to meet policy and regulatory compliance requirements. Your company is overrun with new information. Important records are mixed together with mundane ones, putting your organization at risk of legal action, loss of intellectual property, and inadvertent or intentional deletion of critical company records. We can help you design a compliance and information governance program that keeps you protected, and then implement the full array of governance policies and capabilities across the Microsoft Cloud suite of products.

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Device Management Simplified

Legacy Device Management consumes an inordinate amount of I.T. time and effort. Manually configuration computers, installing updates, and deploying software is slow and error-prone. With Modern Device Management, all of this is done remotely from the cloud. What’s more, devices are checked for security compliance before they are allowed access to your information and data. Spend your I.T. budget on strategic initiatives that move the needle for your business instead.

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