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Get Work Done Faster

Tulsa Software Consulting at Vaillus IT


Accessible information drives effective decision-making and getting work done faster. Yet most business struggle to organize even their most critical information. According to Interact, employees waste 20% of business time searching for information to do their job. That’s the equivalent of one day out of every week. Vaillus IT’s Tulsa Software Consulting services show you how to move and decide fast. Call us at 918-734-7215 for a free consultation. Find out how to get into high gear.

The Key To Working Faster


All this is happening against the backdrop of the “information age”. Oh, we have information alright. The problem isn’t that the information we need to guide our businesses isn’t available, it just isn’t “readily” available:

  • “Data Gatekeepers” guard critical information and only release it under when they are required to.
  • Disorganized paper and electronic filing systems sprout up out of necessity but only make sense to the ones who created them.
  • Information is kept in whatever familiar tools happen to be available rather than the tools that provide the easiest and widest access.
  • Different departments keep roughly the same information in different formats and locations, making it difficult to get the big picture without piecing it together.


Are You Drowning in Information?


Look around the office. If you see:

  • Electronic filing systems that are many sub-folders deep.
  • Spreadsheets that divided into separate worksheets or workbooks for each month or year of data because it is so large. Reporting across time periods requires yet another spreadsheet and hours of copying and pasting, or error-prone re-keying.
  • Arrays of filing cabinets, piles on desks, and rooms and shelves full of boxes of paper that everyone avoids or ignores unless forced to thumb through them.

There are plenty of tools available to tackle these problems. Software consulting with gives you the confidence you need to select the ones that fit the way you operate.

Let Your Best Employees Do Their Best Work


Your best employees aren’t doing their best work when they are struggling to find needed information. The costs to your business in time, expense, frustration and lost business are huge. Even worse, you can’t focus on the strategy of growing your business when you are doing the work you can’t delegate to overloaded subordinates.

Employees know when their work isn’t adding value. They sense that there has to be a better way. Yet they trudge along following the same old inefficient processes because that’s their job and that’s just “the way things are done around here”. They stop agitating for improvements. The high cost of disengagement hides in plain sight. LinkedIn compiled The 2016 Workforce Purpose Index. Two out of three employees have disengaged: bored, uninspired, unmotivated. They don’t see what they do as valuable. No one is investing in making them more productive and it bothers them. A company’s best people perform their best work when they engage their responsibilities. Good managers address the design and execution of workflows to maximize the efficiency and engagement of the team.


Tulsa Software Consulting


At Vaillus IT, we are experts at capturing and organizing information, both electronic and paper, into systems that make information not just available but readily available. Our Tulsa Software consulting shows you the tools that fit and let you move fast. We help improve processes to eliminate redundant and unnecessary work, organize and manage records, design custom databases to replace cumbersome spreadsheets, and implement software that pulls it all together.