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Catch Problems Early

Relying on outdated processes that are based on paper and people rather than data means you are making guesses, not decisions. Vaillus IT’s Tulsa software development and consulting solutions provide you with the insight you need to catch issues before they turn into problems or emergencies.


Enough Information Isn’t The Problem


Companies collect plenty of information. Good information. Useful information. Information about customers, sales, products, projects, output, costs, and much more. The problem is you can’t get to it.

Paper documents, individual spreadsheets, and the minds of your best employees lock up all this valuable information. Turning it into knowledge that can be used to make business decisions and track operational performance is a substantial chore. If the management team even knows what exists, they usually don’t ask for it. If they do, the team groans at the prospect of having to produce it.

Without timely and actionable business intelligence, performance issues fester and grow, and missed opportunities accumulate. Decisions aren’t obvious, so the wrong ones are only visible in hindsight, if at all.

It doesn’t have to be this way.


Vaillus IT: Go-To Software Development and Consulting Team


At Vaillus IT, we are business process experts. We know where to look to make core processes efficient so companies save money and get the insight they need. Monitoring systems point out operational and performance so changes happen early. Decision makers manage exceptions instead of micro-managing people, checking everyone’s work, or doing it for them. Visibility into operations, sales, and financials allows for making adjustments and keeping the company on track.

Call Vaillus IT today at 918-734-7215. We provide expert consulting to help you understand your options when it comes to selecting technology that fits. We help you pick the right software for your business. If no solution fits, or you have a unique idea for your industry, we can help there too. Our team of software development engineers will design and build a custom solution to perfectly meet your needs. We provide reporting and business intelligence so you get the most out of your data too. We get rid of the paper, spreadsheets and other manual tools that slow you down, and provide better data security and business resiliency in the process.