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Tulsa Software Consulting at Vaillus IT


Vaillus IT is dedicated to maximizing the efficiency of your operations. Our software consulting services cut costs by eliminating work that doesn’t add value, combining information assets into centralized repositories. We help you implement tools that fit the job while making information and knowledge available to the people where and when they need it. Tulsa software consulting for companies that thrive.


Losses to Inefficient Processes are Staggering


According to International Data Corporation, company’s lose between twenty and thirty percent of revenue due to “inefficient processes”. This an eye-opening statistic. What could your business invest in if it had another 20-30% of revenue available?

A “process” is work that turns inputs into outputs. What makes them inefficient is that it takes more work than it should to get the same results. Either collecting the inputs is too difficult or the work itself isn’t efficient.


The Trouble with Inputs


Most of the productivity is lost to “pre-work”: work that has to be done just to get ready to do the work. Here are some examples of pre-work:

  • Hunting for information. The average information work, someone who needs information to do their jobs, spends around 20% of their time just looking for what they need. Reports, documents, instructions, emails, contact information. We have a complete list of items employees hunt for. Give us a minute to find it…
  • Waiting. Every task in a long-chain process has its own inputs, and passes some or all its outputs to the next step. Inputs typically come from someone else. When tasks are be done in a sequence, waiting for someone else to get their part done puts those further down the chain in a bind. Significant time is lost to waiting on someone else.
  • Manipulating. When inputs arrive, they formatted in a way that is useful to the sender but not the recipient. Some steps in a process consist of nothing more that converting data in one format into another, maybe combining two sets of data into one.

Rekeying, downloading, sorting, filtering, copying, pasting, comparing, matching. These are all huge time wasters. Add in the fact that several people often maintain very similar sets of the same information because their particular tasks call for slightly different inputs, you can see how to arrive at that 20-30%.


Chopping Wood with a Butcher Knife


The work itself is often the problem, mostly due to using the wrong tools. Companies purchase and implement software that doesn’t fit their business model because a salesman convinced them it would work. Now they waste time and frustration work around it’s inadequacies, hoping the next upgrade will make it better. Spreadsheets spring up to fill particular needs and, over time, become unwieldy, error-prone and fragile. Team members pass them around until no one knows for sure which ones are current. They make copies and tack on some additional information to both the original and the copy so that they no longer match. Confusion ensues.


Let Vaillus IT Help


We are business process experts, the one to call for Tulsa Software Consulting. Vaillus IT is all about software and data. Our Software Consulting team helps your business by rationalizing the crucial processes so they make sense. We ensure that the software you own matches the work, and that vendors can demonstrate a good fit before you invest. Mastering long-chain processes to eliminate redundant effort is our stock in trade. We show you how to combine spreadsheets into central databases and provide decision makers with insight into that data. The end result is a serious dent in that 20-30% of lost productivity, which goes right to the bottom line. An added bonus is that your best people do their best work. Managers delegate tasks and always focus on improving the business’ market position and organizational competencies.


Tulsa Software Consulting


Call us at 918-734-7215 to set up a free consultation. Find out how our Tulsa software consulting services put you in the driver’s seat.